Banquets Held in Kobe and Tokyo to Commemorate the Completion of No. 7 Dock and Head Office Building

2017.12.04 News

Sanwa Dock held banquets at two separate venues to commemorate the completion of a new dock and head office building: one in Kobe on 11/17 (Venue: ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe) and the other in Tokyo on 11/28 (Venue: Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo).

These banquets were held to celebrate the completion of the No. 7 Dock (L 220m x B 45m) in May 2016, the new Head Office Building (no. of floors: 5 above ground/1 underground; total floor space: approx. 3,225m2) in July 2016, and the East Factory (Pipe Shop, Warehouse, and No. 3 Finishing Shop; total floor space: approx. 4,479m2) in March 2017. At the same time, Sanwa Dock wished to thank and apologize to its clients for the various inconveniences caused by the construction work.

The guests of honor at the Kobe banquet were Koichi Fujiwara (Chairman and President, ClassNK) and Minoru Yoshida (Director-General, Kobe District Transport Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism). In Tokyo, Eizo Kobayashi (Chairman, Itochu) and Koichi Fujiwara (Chairman and President, ClassNK) were the honored guests. A total of about 400 guests attended the banquets.

Representing Sanwa Dock, President Isamu Teranishi and Director Shuta Teranishi addressed the attendees. President Teranishi remarked: “With the Ballast Water Management Treaty in effect since 2017 and SOx restrictions in general waters beginning in 2020, we are continuing with our efforts to handle ballast water management system and SOx scrubber retrofitting work. We are planning to extend our new dock by 30m in the next several years to make it a 250m dock. While maintaining stable management, we will continue to grow as a unique repair dock with coastal ship repair, oceangoing ship repair, and engineering as the 3 pillars of our business.” Director Teranishi expressed his resolve and future plans: “We will continue to perform our duties as a repair dock and as a part of the social infrastructure that supports Japan’s maritime industries. We will accomplish this by maintaining our efforts to make steady improvements as well as hire and cultivate diverse talent, while keeping coastal ship repair as the central pillar of our business.”

While making the most of its new facilities (including the new dock and head office building), Sanwa Dock will maintain its customer-first philosophy of stable management in order to contribute to Japanese shippers’ “safe voyages at sea”.