Sanwa dock held a ceremony to celebrate the completion of a new dock, factory and office.

2017.04.17 News

On 14th April, Sanwa Dock Co., Ltd. held a ceremony to celebrate the completion of a new dock, factory and office.

Sanwa Dock built not only No.7 dockL 220m x B 45mand New office( 6 floor: B1~F5, Total floor space: about 3,225m2) on 2016, but also East Factory (it is for pipe shop, the material warehouse and No.3 finishing shop) last March. This event is intended to express our sincere gratitude for parties concerned of these constructions.

In this event, the Shinto Priest and Maiden in the service of Oyama Shrine performed “shinji” and prayed for prosperity and safety at new facilities, and then the ceremonial party has been taken place with 70 honored guests at the 4th floor of our head office.

Sanwa Dock have carried out our business extension plan since 2007 in order to meet a demand for increasing size of coastal vessels and ocean going vessels. Furthermore, it could cover to set up Ballast Water Management Convention whose regulation will enter into force on September 2017.

It was extremely pleased for us to invite our valued clients, Mr. Yuko Hiratani; the mayor of Onomichi city, Mr. Masato Miyanaga; the president of Chugoku bank, Mr. Hiroshi Oda; the president of Momiji bank, Mr. Motohiro Honda; the president of Ehime bank, Mr. Tsunehisa Obika; CEO of Japan Federation of Coastal Shipping Association and Mr. Koji Sekimizu; he is an old friend of our CEO, Isamu Teranishi and was active in the front lines of the world shipping industry as Honorary Secretary-General of IMO.

Sanwa Dock will never stop trying to develop a new technology and invest in a new system for “Safe Navigation at Sea”, and thorough that we will promote employment and contribute to the local society.

Ceremonies especially for our distinguished customers are going to be had at Kobe and Tokyo on November 2017.