Company Website Redesigned

2017.03.31 News

Sanwa Dock has redesigned its website. The changes were made mainly with usability in mind to encourage its use by the company’s diverse range of stakeholders. It is now possible to view the website on a variety of devices, and for our users abroad, there is a function to display content in English. The company plans to add new content on a regular basis, aiming to make a website that enables users to access the information they need quickly and precisely.

Primary Changes

・Multi-device Support

In order to provide information optimally to PC, smartphone, and tablet users, the website employs a responsive design that modifies the layout according to the terminal’s screen size. This makes it possible for the site to be displayed optimally in response to the user’s environment.

・English-language Support

The website employs a system to display content in English for users who access the site from abroad. In addition, through the use of the English toggle button, it is now possible for users to access English pages on demand.


Japanese Website


English Website