Sanwa Dock Co., Ltd. has been refurbished the company website.

2017.03.31 News

At this time, we have refurbished the website for Sanwa Dock Co., Ltd. The renewals we made were mainly renovations with consideration for usability so that our wide range of stakeholders can use the website. It is now possible to view the website from a variety of devices, and for our users abroad, we have set up a function to display pages in English. We wanted to have a website in which users could view necessary information more quickly and accurately, and we will be adding content regularly.

Primary Renewal Content

・Multi-device Support

So that we can provide optimal information to users on PCs, smartphones, and tablets, we are using a responsive design that changes the layout according the the screen size at the terminal. The optimal display will be shown depending on the customer’s environment.


Japanese Website


English Website