Sanwa Dock Receives 32nd Nikkei New Office Award

2019.08.05 News
Sanwa Dock’s Head Office Annex (Innoshima, City of Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, hereafter “Annex”) was chosen to receive the Chugoku Regional Block’s “Head of the Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry Award” in the 32nd Nikkei New Office Award Competition sponsored by the Nikkei Inc./New Office Promotion Association (NOPA). The award announcement was made in the August 5, 2019 Morning Edition of The Nikkei and on the Nikkei New Office Award Competition website (Footnote 1).
This competition has been held for over 30 years in order to spread and promote the creation of “comfortable and functional” office spaces based on the then Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s “Proposal on New Office Promotion”, which was announced in 1986.
In 2017, Sanwa Dock’s Head Office building received the “Chugoku New Office Promotion Award” in the 30th Nikkei New Office Award Competition, making this the second time in two years that Sanwa Dock has received an award.
The Annex building, completed in 2018, was the focus in this year’s Nikkei New Office Award Competition, and the synergy between it and the Head Office building, completed in 2016, was the subject of praise.
While the Head Office building was built primarily to provide work space for Sanwa Dock’s office and engineering staff, it also was built to serve as a comfortable space for visiting superintendents and other guests.
On the other hand, the Annex building was designed so that everyone that works at Sanwa Dock—from the yard workers and subcontractors to the manufacturers’ service technicians—can meet in one place to communicate efficiently and effectively. In addition, the building is equipped with facilities for employees to use during their break time, including the cafeteria “Sanwa Diner”, the “Relaxation Space” for napping, and a rooftop garden. Finally, Sanwa Dock has been praised not only for its facilities, but also for its various efforts to secure and train human resources, including promoting diversity by employing non-Japanese as regular employees and giving our women employees a place to shine as well as strengthening relations with our local community on Innoshima Island which supports the shipbuilding industry.
While repairing general commercial vessels is Sanwa Dock’s core business, we will continue to actively challenge ourselves with projects that use the latest technology to retrofit ships to comply with international environmental regulations such as the ballast water management treaty and SOx regulations, as well as secure and train the human resources that will support these projects.
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