Ceremony Held for Sanwa Dock’s New Hires for 2018

2018.04.02 News
A ceremony for employees joining Sanwa Dock in April 2018 was held on April 2nd in a conference room on the 4th floor of Sanwa Dock’s head office on Innoshima Island in Onomichi City.
Following a speech by President and CEO Isamu Teranishi, the executives were introduced, and the new employees introduced themselves.
There is a total of 15 new employees for 2018: 7 engineers (university graduates), 6 technicians (high school graduates), and 2 office workers. Out of the 7 engineers, 2 are former exchange students from Malaysia and 2 are Japanese women.
Here at Sanwa Dock we are committed to continuing our efforts to maintain and improve our high-quality repair service by hiring and cultivating a diversity of talent.
The new employees will participate in a training program for new hires at the Innoshima Technical Center on Innoshima Island. The engineers will receive 1 months and the technicians 3 months of technical training from veteran engineers. Then upon receiving the requisite qualifications, they will begin working at their assigned posts.